David Nieman's ASU-NCRC Human Performance Lab Project

The ASU-NCRC Human Performance Lab is located on the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis, NC.  The lab is a national leader in the area of nutrition and exercise immunology.  The goal of the ASU-NCRC Human Performance Lab Project is to to optimize development of a mixed flavonoid, carb, caffeine supplement, that supports performance and counters training-induced illness, inflammation, oxidative stress, and immune dysfunction. For this project, Dr. Nieman received funding support from multiple sources including: Dole, LycoRed, Asea, American Pistachio Growers, Metagenics, Noble Biomaterials, and the Cranberry Institute in 2015.  

Discoveries by Dr. Nieman and his research team include:

  • increased metabolites after exercise related to glutathione production, carbohydrate, lipid, and amino acid metabolism
  • when bananas and sports drinks are consumed by athletes, ahtletes have equal performance from both, while bananas provide more nutrients than sports drinks
  • the common cold is less common among the fit
  • a 45-minute vigirous exercise bout increases metabolic rate for 14 hours
  • blueberries and green tea extract protect hard-training runners

For more information please visit http://ncrc.appstate.edu/

Images and information provided by: Dr. David Nieman




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