Request a Funding Search

Funding searches are conducted for Appalachian State University faculty and staff by Grants Resources & Services. Results will be sent via e-mail.

Some funding opportunities, such as career development awards for assistant professors, are restricted by academic rank.

Some funding opportunities are restricted to citizens of particular countries.

Please describe your research interests or current project so we can search for funding opportunities. Hint: Help us understand the big picture. For example, if you want to work on modeling population fluctuations in the species Karenia brevis, tell us about the broader impacts of that research that might interest funders, such as marine ecology, threats to the coastal environment and fishing industry, and advancements in environmental data modeling methods.

Collaborators and partner organizations may qualify for additional funding opportunities. It's also helpful for us to know about potential funding sources you've already identified or if there are any groups that may particularly support your research.