Start a Project

If award materials from the sponsor come to you instead of Sponsored Programs, please forward them immediately to your contact person in Sponsored Programs.

You have received news of funding from an external sponsor for your grant or contract, so what's next? Here's how you begin your sponsored project.

Accepting an Award

New Award Meetings

responsibility matrixOnce Sponsored Programs has processed your award, you will be contacted about setting up a New Award Meeting.

Establishing an Account, or Fund, for Your Sponsored Funds

  • Post-award processes, which are handled by Special Funds Accounting (SFA), are triggered by notification from Sponsored Programs that the proposal has been officially awarded and accepted by the University.
  • SFA establishes a 55XXXX fund number to account for the project's revenues and expenses and sends a Fund Authority Form to you, the Principal Investigator (PI)/Project Director (PD) for signatures.