URC Grant Recipients

Spring 2018

Name Department Title
Pia Albinsson Marketing Advertising Effectiveness of Rhetoric Works and Emotional Appeals in Preventative Health Communications
Brian Bulla Government & Justice Studies Collaborative Watershed Governance in the New River: Institutions, Actors, and Policy Coherence
German Campos-Munoz English Plus Ultra: Five Studies of the Classics in South America
Jennifer Dalton Communication Sciences & Disorders Perceptual Discrimination of Hierarchically Related Speech Stimuli in Children with Speech Sound Disorder: A Pilot Study
Jennifer Geib Biology Untangling the webs of species associated with below-ground cavities utilized by bumble bees – a new application of the “nest web” concept
Brooke Hofsess Art Wild Preserving: Cultivating Ecologies of Girlhood in Appalachia
Jacqueline Ignatova Sustainable Development Food sovereignty in the High Country
Eric Karchmer Anthropology On the danger of popsicles and other modern commodities: nurturing children in contemporary China
Jeana Klein Art Social Media and Social Practice: Collaborating with Community in the Trumpian Era
Harry Maddux Cultural, Gender, & Global Studies American Residential Colleges: The Past 50 Years
Marco Meucci Health & Exercise Science The effects of play-based physical activity on cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory fitness in children
Darren Seals Biology Oncolytic Virus-mediated Tumor-associated Macrophage Modulation in Breast Cancer
Johnathan Sugg Geography & Planning The Changing Hydroclimatology of the Southeastern U.S.
Kyle Thompson Nutrition & Health Care Management Assessing Food Pantry Capacity in Eighteen Northwest North Carolina Counties through a Regional Food Bank Partnership
Mira Waits Art Colonial Carcerality: The Birth of the Modern Prison in India

Fall 2017

Name Department Title
Mark Venable, Cara L. Fiore Biology Shedding Light on Dinoflagellate Bioluminescence: Search for a New Mechanoreceptor
Sarah Carmichael Geology Looking for the Kellwasser Event in all the wrong places: fieldwork in SW Mongolia
Elizabeth Carroll English Women of the Grateful Dead
Andrea Cheeseman Music Somewhere: Recording project
Aruna Weerasinghe, Dale E. Wheeler Chemistry Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Fluorescent Eu3+ Complexes for the Detection of V-Type Nerve Agents
Jill Ehnenn English Infamous Forms: Victorian Drunkards, Dandies, and Forgeries
Adam Hege Health & Exercise Science Food insecurity and other health challenges in a rural North Carolina community: What are the environmental and cultural barriers and what can be done?
Anatoli Ignatov Sustainable Development Who Owns the Land? Power, Belonging, and the Remaking of History in Ghana
Sandi Lane Nutrition & Health Care Management Hazard Vulnerability Assessment for Nursing Homes in the Southeastern US
Maurice Meilleur Art Principles and genealogy of modular type
Alan Needle Health & Exercise Science Stimulating the Cortex to Rehabilitate Injury-induced Plasticity (SCRIPt)
Peter Soulé Geography & Planning Tree-growth responses in semiarid western juniper woodlands following two decades of increasing aridity: A longitudinal study in central Oregon
Brock Stoddard Economics Does reducing inequality increase cooperation?
Mary Stolberg Accounting North Carolina's Unheralded Role in the Federal Income Tax
Chris Thaxton Physics & Astronomy Optimizing planetary boundary and surface layer schemes in the WRF model using cold-season radiosonde data over the Southern Appalachian Mountains
Jennifer Westerman Sustainable Development Landscapes of Labor: Class, Precarity, and Environmental Justice in Appalachian Literature
Rebecca Witter Sustainable Development Rhino Poaching, Poverty, and Resettlement in Mozambique's Limpopo National Park

Spring 2017

Name Department Title
Brooke Christian Chemistry Maturation of white fat cells is inhibited by increased antioxidants in mitochondria
E Cecelia Conway English Black Banjo Roots of Appalachia
Cole Edwards Geology Did oxygen-poor conditions (anoxia) in shallow ocean environments cause the Late Devonian mass extinction?
Dinesh Paudel, Gregory Reck Sustainable Development, Anthropology The Politics of NGO Involvement in Post-Earthquake Reconstruction in Nepal
Melissa Gutschall Nutrition & Health Care Management Development of a sustainable public-private partnership model to improve nutrition status and food security in Watauga County.
Ann Kaplan Cultural, Gender, & Global Studies P a s s a g e / s - Lost & Found Photography, Refugee Crises, and Privilege
Rebecca Kappus Health & Exercise Science Sex Differences in Oxidative Stress and Implications on Vascular Function
Edward Merritt Health & Exercise Science The performance data and physiological profile of an elite ultra-endurance cyclist competing in the Race Across America (RAAM)
Robert Perdue Sociology From Natural Resources to Prisons: Assessing the Social Impacts of Shifting Economic Dependence
Jody Servon Art Creation of a Participatory Art Project and an Art Installation for a Solo Exhibition
Elizabeth Shay Geography & Planning The promise of accessibility: relationships between anticipated and realized travel of residents of new private student housing
James Sherman Physics & Astronomy Sensitivity of SE US aerosol direct radiative forcing and satellite-based aerosol retrievals to aerosol vertical distributions
Kin-Yan Szeto Theatre & Dance The Art of Crossing Cultures: Performing Literature in Chinese and American Perspectives
Jason Xiong Computer Information Systems ICT for Sustainable Development: Adoption Decision and Interventions of Small Businesses in the United States and China

Fall 2016

Name Department Title
Wendy Win, Jennifer Gray, Joseph Cazier Communication, Computer Information Systems, English Tying Up Loose Ends: Understanding the Pink Ribbon
Megen Culpepper Chemistry Determining the structure of an enzyme involved in climate regulation by X-ray protein crystallography
Frankie Flood Art 3D Printed Prosthetic and Adaptive Device Development
Hessam Ghamari Applied Design Quality of Life in Assisted Living Facilities: Identification of the Outdoor Attributes as Influential Factors of Therapeutic Environments


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