Sponsored Programs

Sponsored Programs: 


Provides the authorized institutional signature for submissions to and awards from external sponsors, including contracts, collaborative agreements, etc;

  • Negotiates terms and conditions of all externally funded project, service, or research agreements;
  • Reviews, negotiates changes, and provides authorized signatures for Material Transfer Agreements (MTA), Data Use Agreements (DMA/RDMA), and Confidentiality Agreements (CDA);
  • Serves as the official repository of grant submission and award documents;
  • Prepares, negotiates, and signs subawards to collaborating agencies/organizations;
  • Monitors programmatic project reporting and award management;
  • Offers programs, templates, and online resources to assist both faculty and administrators with the development, internal review, submission, and award management for externally funded activities.

Sponsored Programs is located in the Office of Research suite of rooms on the third floor of the John E. Thomas building (rooms 373-384).

Sponsored Programs Staff Contact Information

Ms. Charna Howson, Director howsonck@appstate.edu 828-262-7311
Ms. Kerri McCaffrey, COI & Grants Manager mccaffreyka@appstate.edu 828-262-6583
Ms. Roxie White, Senior Manager whiterb@appstate.edu 828-262-2694
Ms. Yingqi Wang, eBusiness & Sponsored Programs Manager wangqi5@appstate.edu 828-262-2165


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Mailing Address: PO Box 32174, Boone, NC 28608-2174
Physical Address: 287 Rivers St., Room 382, Boone, NC 28608-2174
Phone: 828-262-7459
Fax: 828-262-2641
Skype us at: appstate.grants1


Office of Research
John E. Thomas Building
287 Rivers Street
Room 382
PO Box 32174
Boone, NC 28608-2174
Ph: (828) 262-7459
Fax: (828) 262-2641
Staff Contacts
Skype us at: appstate.grants1
Follow us on Twitter: @ckhowson

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