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Use the guides below to locate sponsors and funding opportunities for your project or research. Familiarize yourself with the funding agency of your choice and make sure you understand their funding interests. Look for a deadline that is 3-6 months away and allow more time for collaborative, international, or complex projects. If you need funding at a specific time, like for a summer research trip, start looking for funding opportunities 12-18 months in advance.  

Do Your Research Before Your Research

Get to Work

  • Apply for internal grants
    University Research Council (URC) grants, Board of Trustees International Research Grants, Research Development Travel Grants, and other internal grants for AppState faculty.
  • Apply to Limited Submission Programs 
    Limited submissions are programs or sponsors that restrict the number of proposals Appalachian can submit each year. Appalachian holds internal competitions for these programs every year, because we typically have more prospective applicants than available application slots. 
  • Request a funding search 
    Complete this funding search request form if you would like Grants Resources & Services staff to conduct an in-depth search for funding opportunities to support a particular project idea. Results are sent via e-mail in 2-4 weeks. This service is only available for Appalachian State University faculty and staff.
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Tuesday, July 18th , from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM, AGrants, AIR and IRBIS will be offline for Maintenance. 

*NSF - effective 4/24/17 Collaborators Spreadsheet use required. 

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ATTENTION: NSF RELOCATES HEADQUARTERS & DATA CENTER. From 8/24 to 10/1 staff will relocate to the new headquarters and it will be difficult to reach program officers and other officials. Please plan accordingly. 

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GRS Suggestion Box

We are here to support you.  And we'd like to know what we can do to help better support your grant seeking efforts.  If there is something that you found helpful at another institution or if you have an idea on how we might improve some of our services, please submit your idea to our suggestion box.  All suggestions are anonymous unless you put your name on it.