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Opportunities for all colleges & departments

University Research Council (URC) Grants The mission of the University Research Council is to stimulate, encourage, and support research across all segments of the University community. The URC is committed to a broad and inclusive definition of research, including both pure and applied research as well as scholarly creative endeavors. Each year, a portion of the facilities & administrative (F&A) or indirect funds generated by external grants and contracts are used to support faculty research activities with grant awards of up to $5,000. The University Research Council reviews proposals and makes funding recommendations to the Chief Research Officer. For fall review - Noon, October 17, 2017, and third Tuesday in October annually thereafter.

For spring review - Noon, March 7, 2017, and first Tuesday in March annually thereafter.

Appalachian State University Research Council
Board of Trustees International Research Grants These awards provide travel funds for faculty members whose research projects require travel outside the United States. The goal of the program is to support international research at Appalachian. Proposals for research in both basic and applied/professional fields are welcome. These awards will fund foreign travel to libraries, archives, museums, laboratories, computer facilities, natural settings, government agencies, corporations, etc. that is essential to the research described in the proposal. Noon, February 2, 2017, and the first Thursday in February annually thereafter. Appalachian State University Board of Trustees
Research Development Travel Grant The Research Development Travel Grant was developed to improve the competitiveness for Appalachian State University research proposals. The program grants up to $1000 to defray the costs of travel to external funding agencies in order to meet with program officers to discuss proposals, agency programs, upcoming funding opportunities, and proposal strategies.   This program is available to faculty or indefinite status staff members who are working on a competitive grant application.  Requests for funds to travel to meet with program officers can be made at any time.  Applications are accepted and reviewed throughout the fiscal year, and meritorious requests are supported on a first-come, first-served basis. Office of Research

Funding will support new, existing, or developing research projects that involve more than one of the RIEEE core research areas [Environment, Energy, & Economics] and are performed by collaborative, interdisciplinary teams.    

 Call For Applications typically sent out each Fall semester. Research Institute for Environment, Energy, & Economics
Sustainability Council's Sustainability Outreach Grants

 Funding to support faculty & staff who are engaging with the community on issues of sustainability. We want to support projects that bring people together around sustainability issues rather than funding sustainability infrastructure projects. For example, we’re not so much interested in funding the installation of solar panels as we are in funding programs that bring people together around renewable energy and energy justice issues.

 Call for Applications sent via email in December each year with an early February Deadline. Contact Laura England ( for more information.   Appalachian Sustainability Council 

Opportunities for CAS faculty

College of Arts & Sciences Student And Faculty Excellence (SAFE) Fund 

The College of Arts and Sciences Student and Faculty Excellence (SAFE) Fund provides resources that can be used to transform the undergraduate and graduate experience and support faculty teaching, research, and engagement.

Each year, the College of Arts & Sciences provides two (2) funding cycles.  Applications are typically due no later than the end of October and sometime in February. College of Arts & Sciences
College of Arts & Sciences: Summer Grant/ Research/Proposal Development Grant The College of Arts and Sciences provides $5000 grants to faculty to work on scholarly research and creative projects and external funding proposals that will enhance the transformational experience of App State students.  These funds must be used between May and August.  Applications are due in October College of Arts & Sciences

Opportunities for BCHS faculty

Beaver College of Health Sciences: Dean's Summer Research Stipends   The purpose of these funds are to provide support for tenure track and tenureed faculty to advance their academic scholarship.  Awards of ~$5000 to $6000 will be distribued to successful proposals in June.    Proposals must be submitted before April 1st. Beaver College of Health Sciences

Opportunities for WCOB faculty

Walker College of Business (WCOB) Deans Club Research Grants Funds research grants each academic year to assist faculty in conducting research.  Grants are available to tenured and tenure track faculty for research expenses in increments of $1000.  These grants are designed to reimburse faculty for out-of-pocket expenses necessary for conducting research.   To submit a proposal, or for more information, contact Sandy Vannoy at Walker College of Business

Opportunities for CFAA faculty

College of Fine & Applied Arts: International Travel Grant $500 per trip Faculty member must make a request to the Dean for International Travel College of Fine & Applied Arts
College of Fine & Applied Arts: Faculty Development Summer Research Grant To assist faculty with expenses associated with workshops, recertification and training, travel, and or conference participation Announcement will be sent out every year.  Usually due at the end of April. College of Fine & Applied Arts

Opportunities for graduate faculty

GRAM Research Assistant Mentoring Program

The Graduate Research Associate Mentoring Program (GRAM) is designed to provide research- active faculty with the opportunity to mentor talented graduate students through collaborative work on the faculty members' research projects. Awards will be considered internal grants with the faculty member as PI. Students will be paid $12,000 per academic year for a commitment of 20 hours per week.  Facuty mentors must be tenured/tenure track OR multi-year fullt-time research, clinical or professional.

Applications are due at the end of April. Cratis D. Williams School of Graduate Studies
Distinguished Graduate Faculty Award The Distinguished Graduate Faculty Award is designed to recognize a faculty member who is engaged in the graduate education enterprise as an outstanding teacher, mentor, and scholar.  A monetary award of $1000 may be used for any non-salary expense related to performing research or creative activities, including purchase of equipment and supplies, and travel for data collection or dissemination. Nominations due in January. Cratis D. Williams School of Graduate Studies

Opportunities for senior faculty 

100 Scholars Research Award The 100 Scholars Research Award is designed to recognize exemplary research or creative activities of a tenured faculty member. The recipient will be a senior faculty member (associate or full professor), performing well above the standard level of faculty research within the last five years. A monetary award of up to $1200 may be used for any non-salary expense related to performing research or creative activities in the project, including purchase of equipment and supplies, and travel for data collection or dissemination. Nominations due in January. Cratis D. Wiilliams School of Graduate Studies

Opportunities for faculty/students engaged in environmental research

Wachovia Environmental Research Award The Wachovia Environmental Research Award is designed to recognize faculty or graduate students actively engaged in high-quality environmental research related to the southern Appalachians.The monetary award of up to $500 may be used for any non-salary expense related to performing environmnetal research, including purchase of equipment and supplies, and travel for data collection or dissemination. Nominations due in January. Cratis D. Williams School of Graduate Studies


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